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Foraged Father’s Day Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and Foraged has a carefully curated list of ideas to celebrate the father figure in your life. From the grill to the garden to the great outdoors, there’s lots of room for fun this weekend! Read on to learn more about our Father’s Day favorites, and get ideas for your weekend meals and activities.

For the Foodie Father

We love the versatility of mushrooms for all kinds of culinary creations. Morels are a smoky, earthy treat ready to step up the flavor profile of any dish. Chicken of the woods are well-named for their chicken-like texture, and great fried, pickled, or sauteed. Lobster mushrooms are a delicate, beautiful fungus ready for a starring role in your favorite seafood recipe. Oyster mushrooms are ready to give a meaty boost to any dish you can imagine. The possibilities are truly endless!

Does your dad love to grill? Maybe your grandfather loves to try new vegetarian recipes. With the wide variety of mushrooms and products found in our marketplace, we’ve got options for your favorite foodies.

  • Try this rich mushroom bread pudding recipe for brunch. You can substitute fresh oyster mushrooms in for button mushrooms.  Or check out this tasty crustless quiche recipe, perfect for seasonal ramps and morels. You’ll have the tastiest brunch on the block!
  • For the grilling fan, throw some whole oyster mushroom on the grill! These meaty mushrooms make an excellent entrée. Or, as a side, add smaller mushroom pieces into a grill pan. We love shiitakes or porcini. Grilled mushrooms also make an excellent side dish for a steak, which pairs perfectly with the Heavenly Spread from Fat Caps Fungi (a thick, savory sauce) in our marketplace.
  • Need more options? Try this Lion’s Mane Crab Cake recipe for a decadent vegetarian delight. Cooking for a carnivore? The Heavenly Sauce from Fat Caps Fungi is great added to your favorite meatloaf or burger mix.

For the Health Conscious Hero

We also love mushrooms for their many health properties, and we bet Dad will too! Adding mushrooms into your diet (or substituting them for meat) is a great way to lower your calorie and fat intake while adding filling protein, along with fiber and a variety of vitamins and other nutrients, to your meal. And we bet the healthy snacker in your life will love trying out the many flavors of mushroom jerky in our shop, from Sweet Balsamic and Fig to a Zesty Thai.

You’ll also find mushroom teas, tinctures, and supplements in the Foraged marketplace, perfect for the up and coming health-guru-guy in your life. Read on to find the best choice based on your special guy’s health preferences, and to learn about the myriad health benefits you’ll find in different mushroom species. (Note: as with all products used for health benefits, you should check with your health care provider before adding any new supplements.)

  • Check out our blog to learn more about the health benefits of Reishi mushrooms. Reishi provides a boost for his immune system. You can find them in tinctures and tasty teas, perfect to share with Pop! You can also check out our video on making your own tea here.
  • Lion’s mane mushrooms are great for brain health. You’ll find this mushroom in powder, capsule, and tincture form on Foraged.
  • Cordyceps are wonderful for managing blood sugar levels. Find them in the tinctures section of the shop.
  • Chaga, long-used in traditional Chinese and Russian medicine, is full of antioxidant power. We’ve got it in teas, tinctures, and capsules.
  • Turkey tail mushrooms can help to reduce inflammation and improve immune system functioning. Try a yummy tea or tincture to experience this mushroom’s amazing health powers and add some honey as an added natural sweetener to please your taste buds.
  • If those options weren’t enough, you’ll find plenty more in the marketplace. Oyster and shiitake mushroom capsules, maitake tinctures, and custom tea blends await you!

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