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Selling Mushrooms Online: How it Works

List your mushroom products for sale
in just a few clicks. It’s free

Foraged makes listing easy. Take a few photos of your item, add a description to inform your customers, set the price, and you’re done.

Set up your shop today and we’ll create a custom marketing campaign for you that reaches up to 2,000 targeted customers – our treat!

Ship quick and easy

Forget the headaches of trying to manage your own shipping on a personal site. No more waiting in long lines at the Post Office.

When you make a sale on Foraged, a pre-paid, discounted shipping label is automatically emailed to the click of a button. Just print it and place directly on your package.

Drop it off at a USPS mailbox or Post Office – even have it picked up at home for free.

Get started.

It’s free to list

It’s completely free to list any eligible item on the foraged market. We only charge a small processing fee after the sale is made and nothing more.

Help is here

Reach the Foraged team by email or request a phone call whenever you have a question. We’re always here to help our community thrive.

Track every sale

Our fully integrated sellers dashboard comes fully stocked with location tracking, an easy-to-use product portal, detailed sales data and much more.


Some common questions about selling on Foraged.

Who can sell?

Any and all types of foragers and mushroom enthusiasts are welcome to list! Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting your passionate journey as an avid gatherer or grower of all things mushroom, Foraged welcomes you. Sell what you grow, what you pick, or what you make!

How do I start selling?

It’s easy to setup your own shop on Foraged. Signup, customize your shop, set up your Stripe account and list your items! Don’t have 3 minutes to spare? We will even set it up for you.

How do I get paid?

Foraged is integrated with the most secure payment portals – including Stripe, Paypal and direct bank deposits. Simply input your payment method into the dashboard and start collecting money from your sales right away.

Is it free to sell?

It’s completely free to list your eligible items on Foraged. Simply create an account, customize your store, and list your item. It’s that easy! Unlike other platforms (such as Etsy), we only earn a small 10% commission on each sale made. Nothing more.

What can I sell?

Foraged is the hub for all things mushroom – wild, cultivated, products, growing supplies, and immersive experiences. If you’re in the mushroom business, Foraged is your new best friend.

Is it safe?

Here at Foraged, we pride ourselves on outstanding accessibility, ease of use and the highest security measures. All transactions are processed on our secure, SSL-encrypted platform with ready-to-help support available at your convenience. All payments are processed through Stripe, the most secure and versatile payment processing portal on the web


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