Pickled Mushrooms – With The Fermentation Station

Pickled Mushrooms – With The Fermentation Station

Earlier on in our collaboration with The Fermentation Station, we introduced the processes and various types of fermentation in The Fermentation Station X Smithy Mushrooms. Now, we are bringing you some interesting recipe ideas to create with your fermented Smithy shrooms. The Fermentation Station have three special recipes to share, click below to have a go…

Lacto Fermented Shimeji Mushrooms

Shimeji Mushrooms are native to East Asia but can also be found in northern Europe, Smithy Mushrooms grow this variety in both a white and brown. They are characterized by their long stems and petite globular caps. We love these mushrooms in a variety of meals  here at The Fermentation Station, and they’re perfect for undergoing lacto-fermentation.

Fermenting vegetables is the ideal way to bring fermentation practices into your life, and lacto-fermentation couldn’t be easier. All you need is your vegetable of choice, in this case shimeji mushrooms, some course flaky salt, your fermentation vessel, we used a Kilner jar and some form of weight…

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