Smithy Mushrooms X CB Sushi

Smithy Mushrooms X CB Sushi

Happy Veganuary! We have teamed up with Chloe, head chef and founder of CB Sushi. CB Sushi have been providing Liverpool with 100% vegan meals since 2018. Their ethos is to “prove that plant-based eating is just as good, if not better than traditional foods, as well as playing a pivotal role in benefiting our environment.”

CB Sushi aim to revolutionise plant based eating. Chloe says:

“I pride myself in producing top quality vegan food, combing innovative and explosive flavours, with artistic elegance.”

Fantastic flavours and innovative design, CB Sushi are not one to miss. This week, Chloe has been experimenting with Smithy Mushrooms BIG BBQ Box, creating a mouthwatering mix of mushroom recipes and they’re all here for you to try. On the menu today we have the Golden schnitzel, breaded oyster mushroom schnitzel, buttery mashed potato, grilled green beans, smoked garlic and parsley oil and the Mexican Mix Up, loaded nachos and taco’s!

Golden Schnitzel

Using our oyster mushrooms: This is the perfect substitute for this chicken schnitzel – paired with a buttery mashed potato and grilled beans and finished on with a smoked garlic and parsley oil.

Mexican Mix Up

For this recipe, Chloe used two types of mushrooms – Maitake & King Oyster. She says:

“Think outside the box, being vegan isn’t boring”

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